Using a VPS

Update June 2016: We highly not recommend using a VPS as some providers are not safe.

One method to accessing your account safely is to use a VPS. In the following video, I explain what a VPS is, and how to use one. If you need a VPS to get started with, we offer free complementary VPS’s with each account – all you need is to ask for one. Just email us at [email protected] if you need a VPS after watching this video.

Update July 2014: It appears that eBay and PayPal have blacklisted the Amazon VPS’ IP range (VPS’s we were sending out). We are now offering Dedicated IP’s instead; they would be free for the first month and $5 a month afterwards to help us cover the costs. If you would still like to go through the VPS route, any VPS company that has windows VPS’s, and has IP’s based in the United States should work.