Using a VPN and Changing User Accounts

The third way to access your account safely is to use a VPN (to change your IP address) and a new user account on your computer.

A VPN is basically a built in feature for Windows and Macs that will allow for you to tunnel to other networks, allowing you to change your IP address. While this tunnel is active, the IP address on your computer would be the IP address of the network to which you’re connecting to.

In addition to a VPN, you need to change the user account on your computer in order to make sure they don’t link you based on the files they download to your computer.

Remember back to what we discussed before, 3 ways they link you:
1. IP Address (This is what a VPN is for – it’ll change your IP).
2. Files they download onto your computer (This is where you need to change your user account on your computer)
3. Information they link you on (Don’t use any credit cards, bank information, or addresses associated with previous accounts).

When you buy a VPN, here are the requirements:
1. Location for the IP address on the VPN should be in the same country as your account (United States)
2. Preferably, try to get it in a city near the location of the account (not required, but helps)
3. To check the IP address on the VPN, go to
4. Make sure the VPN IP is static – static means that it doesn’t change. Dynamic means that it changes.
5. Try to get a dedicated IP address, not a shared one – dedicated means that just you are using it. Shared means that many people are sharing one IP – that might not be good.

On average, VPN’s range anywhere from 5-10 dollars a month on average.
Each VPN provider will have their own set of instructions on how to connect to the VPN, so the best bet would be to view their set-up instructions or ask their customer support to help you log into it.

How do you know if the VPN is working or not?
Before you activate the VPN, go to, and then go to again once you activate the VPN.

The best VPN’s are ones that are lesser known, and not as popular.

DO NOT use anonymizing VPN services like hidemyass or hotspot shield, or TOR. 

DO USE VPN services that are lesser known; they need to have 2 criteria:

  1. Static IP (IP doesn’t change)
  2. US IP Address (If possible choose an IP address in the same state as your account)
  3. If you don’t know whether a VPN service you found is good or not, just ask us! Email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you out!

A couple of our customers use StrongVPN, they’re pretty decent:
Here’s how you use StrongVPN: Set Up Instructions for StrongVPN

You don’t need to use them, but just make sure the VPN that you buy matches the requirements above (1-5)

In addition to changing your IP, you’re going to need to use a different user account on your computer in order to make sure the files they download onto your computer don’t connect to the new account.

To change your user account on your computer, here’s how you do it:

How to Use a New User Account (Windows Version)
How to Use a New User Account (Mac Version)