How to Use a New User Account (Windows Version)

In this guide, we’re going to teach you how to create a new user account on your Windows computer. If you have a Mac, you’re going to need this guide instead: Click here

Creating a new user account on your computer is useful to keep the files that eBay and PayPal download onto your computer separated from each other. This by itself won’t keep accounts from linking together – you would also need to change the IP, either through a VPN or your Internet Service Provider.

Without further ado, here is how you change your user account on a windows computer. If you’re on a previous version of windows, just navigate to the control panel, go to user accounts, click on add a new user, and you’re done creating a new user account. Afterwards, all you would need to do is to log out of your current user account and into the new one. Remember to only use the new user account with the new account – don’t mix and match.

If you’re on a windows 8, it’s a little trickier. Here’s how you would change the user account in windows 8. First, go to the start menu:


You want to click on settings. After you click on settings, you’ll see something like this:


Once you see this screen, you want to click on “Control Panel”. After you click on Control Panel, you’ll see this:


And from this screen, you want to click on “User and Family Safety”, to which you would see this:



From this screen, you want to click on User Accounts, which will take you to the next screen:


And once you get to this screen, click on “Manage another user account” to get to the user account control panel, which is below:


From this screen, click on “Add a new user in PC settings, which will take you to the next screen:



And on this screen, you will click on “Add a user”, which will display the following window:



Once you view the above screen, it’s pretty straight forward. You can click on “Sign in without a Microsoft account” and proceed to click on create account locally only if you don’t want to deal with the Microsoft account stuff. And after all is done, and once you’ve created your new windows user account, you just go ahead and log out of the current account and into the new account to use it. Remember that just a user account won’t separate old and new eBays, or old and new PayPals – but you need to have a different IP too.