How to Use a New User Account (Mac Version)

In this guide, we’re going to teach you how to create a new user account on your Mac computer. If you have a Windows, you’re going to need this guide instead: Click here

Creating a new user account on your computer is useful to keep the files that eBay and PayPal download onto your computer separated from each other. This by itself won’t keep accounts from linking together – you would also need to change the IP, either through a VPN or your Internet Service Provider.

Without further ado, this is how you go ahead and create a new user account on your Mac computer.

First, you’re going to need to go to your system preferences. You do this by going to the apple logo in your upper left hand.



After you click on the apple logo in the top left, go to “System Preferences”, and click on it to get something like this:


On this screen, under the System section, you’ll want to click on “Users and Groups”, to get to this screen:


From this screen, you’re going to want to click on the “+” under the Login Options. If you can’t or it doesn’t let you, you’re going to need to click on the lock symbol underneath it in order to let you create user accounts. You might need to enter in the Administrator’s password to unlock the system to allow you to press the “+” button. After you do, you’ll get a screen like this:


And after you get to the screen above, it’s pretty self explanatory. Just go ahead and fill out the details and press “Create User” to create the new user account. After that, you’re going to want to log out of your current user account by clicking on the apple logo in the upper left and click on log out to go to the home screen to log into the new user account. Remember that just a user account won’t separate old and new eBays, or old and new PayPals – but you need to have a different IP too.