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Here is my  “Get Back on eBay and PayPal Guide”: How To Get Back on eBay and PayPal V2

I wrote this guide for you because I’ve been banned from eBay too – frustrated as hell, sleep deprived, trying to get back on eBay and PayPal. See, my only source of income used to be from selling on eBay, so when they banned me overnight, my income literally took a nose- dive, and I almost became a hobo.

I run to help people get back on eBay and PayPal. If you need to get back, and want it done right – get one of our packages here and we’ll get you up and selling in no time.

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In this guide, I’ll show you the right way to create new eBay and PayPal accounts without getting linked and suspended to your old ones. Make sure to follow each step to avoid getting banned again.

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