Have Problems with eBay or PayPal? Use BuyVCC Services!

Note: Accounts from us come with BuyVCC Services free of charge (except lifting selling limits)

Step 1: Tell Us Your Problem

Fill in the form below to tell us about what you need help with.

Step 2: Pay the Invoice

We’ll email you an invoice, most issues are around $75 to fix.

Step 3: We Fix Your Problem

After you pay the invoice, we call in and solve the problem for you.

Step 4: Strong Guarantee

We either solve your problem, or it won’t cost you anything.

Common Issues We Can Fix:

  • MC999 and Suspension Removal (eBay)
  • Increasing Selling Limits (eBay)
  • Category Restrictions – Limit Removal/Increase (eBay)
  • Submitted Documents, Need Call In (eBay and PayPal)
  • Attaching Merchant Accounts to eBay (eBay)
  • Can’t Send Money (PayPal)
  • Trouble Withdrawing After 180 Days (PayPal)

Calling in and fixing issues on eBay and PayPal is time consuming and very frustrating. Hold times seem forever, and once you get an agent, most aren’t very helpful. Then it comes to talking with them; say the wrong thing, and you might lose your account forever. That’s why we started BuyVCC Services – so you don’t have to deal with the headaches that comes with selling on eBay and PayPal. We’ve fixed thousands of accounts over the years; let us deal with them, so you can focus on selling and running your business.


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