Getting Started

Step 1: How eBay and PayPal Track You

Click here and watch this video to understand how eBay and PayPal tracks and links accounts together. Once you’ve watched this video, we’ll show you how to implement this knowledge to use your new eBay/PayPal account safely.

Step 2: Accessing Your Account Safely: Choose a Method

There are 4 main methods that people use to access their eBay and PayPal accounts safely. If you are outside of the United States, choose either method 1 or 2. If you’re inside the United States, you can use all of them. Click on each method for instructions.

Method 1: Use our Dedicated IP and Change your User Account (Recommended)
Method 2: Change Home IP and Change Your User Account (Only in the US)
Method 3: Use a VPN and Change Your User Account
Method 4: Go to a Place with Internet and Change Your User Account (Only in the US)

Step 3: Using eBay Safely

Before you list, make SURE you read: How to Start Listing Without Getting MC999 or Suspended
Click here if your account gets MC999, Suspended, or has Lowered Limits

Step 4: Using PayPal Safely

Before using PayPal, read this to reduce the chances of getting suspended: PayPal Anti-Limitation Guide

Step 5: How to Secure Your Account

Lastly, follow these steps to secure your account: Securing Your Account