Change Home IP and Change Your User Account

The second method is to change your home IP address and to use a different user account on your computer. This is probably the best method if you’re in the United States.

There are 2 parts to this method:

1. Changing the user account on your computer
In order to do this, I made a step-by-step guide for you. To change your user account on a Windows computer, click here. To change your user account on a Mac computer, click here.

2. Changing your IP address
As far as how you change your IP address on your main computer, I’ve outlined a guide for you below:

There are a couple ways to accomplish it.
If you have DSL, then try disconnecting and connecting to internet, and seeing if the IP changes before and afterwards – use to check if the IP has changed.

If you have cable, then it’s a little trickier, but it is doable.
This is verified to work with comcast and xfinity ISP providers.
Here are the instructions on how to do it if you have a router. If you don’t have a router, you’re going to need to call up your ISP (internet service provider) and ask them to manually change you IP address.

Here’s what you need to do:
0. Check your IP address so that you can check if it changed later (

1. Log into your router
Usually the way to log into your router is by going into your web browser and entering in: or or depending on your router. It might differ based on the type of router that you have but when in doubt, just look up the online guide for your router by going to their website and go to the part for how to log into it. Once you’re on the page for logging in, use “admin” for the username, or administrator and “pass” for the password or “password”. If you’re not sure what the username and password for logging into your router are and these don’t work, you might need to consult the owner’s manual for your router or try to find it online.

2. Change the MAC address on your router
In your router, there is a section for the MAC address. It might say “clone MAC address” or something similar. I included a screenshot below for a linksys router so that you can see an example:



When you get to the section for changing your MAC address, you’re going to want to edit the last 4 digits on it, or change them. Make sure to only change the last 4 digits; you can use any combonation of numbers and/or letters from 0-9 to A-F in the last 2 boxes example as shown below.

Only change the last 2 boxes as shown in the examples below

Example; we started with this LAN (MAC Address: 00-90-4B-60-786E)

Example; we can change it to this (MAC Address: 00-90-4B-60-E508)

Example; we can change it to this (MAC Address: 00-90-4B-60-0707)

Example; we can change it to this (MAC Address: 00-90-4B-60-FFAA)

I made a screenshot below of the last 4 digits that you want to change:


3. Save the new MAC address

4. Power down your Router + your cable modem (or just your cable modem if it’s both)

5. 10 minutes later, power up your router + cable modem again.

6. Wait a couple minutes for it to boot up again, and check your IP again (

And by this point, your IP should be changed. If it isn’t, try the process again, and it STILL doesn’t change, then contact your internet service provider over the phone and ask them to change it for you. They might need to send someone over to your house but if that’s what they need to get it done, then let them do that.